Bakwé Mission

Bringing the Word to the Bakwé

Welcome to the Bakwé Mission web page of Christ Church

What is the Bakwé Mission?

The Bakwé Mission is Christ Church's foreign mission ministry to the Bakwé people of southwest Côte d'Ivoire. It primarily consists of translating the Scriptures for the Bakwé Church and training teachers in teaching the Bakwé how to read and write.

Christ Church believes that God has commissioned the Church to make disciples of all nations through the faithful preaching of the Word and the administering of the sacraments. Thus the primary method of mission remains the preaching of the gospel, with its goal, the planting of the church. The translation of the Scriptures is both essential for the Church to be effectively planted among the Bakwé people, and for the Bakwé Church's general health.

George M. Cowan, of Wycliffe, has aptly said, “A practicing Christian community with the Word of God in its own vernacular can feed itself, discipline itself, and multiply itself. No church is ever truly indigenous that does not have its ultimate source of authority for doctrine and conduct directly accessible to the people in their own language.”

Commissioned by Christ Church, Csaba and his family work under the auspices of Wycliffe. Csaba is an elder of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. Partnership between Christ Church and Wycliffe is governed by a signed cooperative agreement.

To have access to the restricted area of this web site with more personal news and information, please contact Csaba and Lisa Leidenfrost by e-mail at . The rest of the web site is open to everyone. Thank you for visiting!

The Ji Mi Gba Microfinance Seed Fund

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